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How to Factory Reset android Phone any Redmi Mobiles

Factory Reset android Phone any Redmi Mobiles 

Two steps for how to reboot android phone
 Step 1: 
1.    To hard reset Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
2.    your device by pressing Power button to off
3.    Hold down Volume Up + Power key.
4.    Utilizing Volume keys, select  language and confirm  with Power catch.
5.    Select “Wipe and Reset(Factory Reset android)”.
6.    Pick “Wipe All Data” alternative.
7.    Factory Reset android is complete. 
8.    Select “Yes”.
9.    Done!
Step 2:
1.    First go to the settings.
2.    Open  additional settings.
3.    Click backup & reset – Factory Reset android.
4.    Last step click reset phone.
5.    Wait 10 to 20 minutes.
6.    After the 20 minutes phone will be completely Factory Reset android.


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