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Top 45 Secret WhatsApp tricks you never know

Top 45 Secret WhatsApp tricks your never know

WhatsApp tricks
1. Send substantially more than just content


Utilizing this application don’t get restricted to simply sending instant messages, as you additionally have the upside of sending different alternatives that this application has, for example, pictures, recordings, sound clasps, addresses, and even contacts. To share media


1.            First of all go to visit window of companion with whom you will share media


2.            After that tap on the symbol on the correct side of the sender name.


3.            After that pop will open pick the media write, select and hit send


2.Create easy routes to WhatsApp discussions


In case you’re dependent on Whatsapp and utilize this application at an interim of each 5-10 minutes, at that point may be you’re exhausted of propelling this application over and over. Be that as it may, in android adaptation of Whatsapp, you’re ready to make an alternate way to discussions that shows up on homescreen. The favorable position is presently you don’t need to dispatch this application over and over to get on discussion. To make an alternate way


1.            To set this up, pick ‘More’ in the visit menu


2.            Now tap the ‘Include discussion alternate way’ choice.


3. Broadcast a WhatsApp message to many contacts



Assume you have less time and you need to send single instant message to in excess of one contact, Broadcast a message in whatsapp is the most straightforward and most ideal approach to take after. To send a communicate message


1.            Open the application.


2.            Go to the visit page.


3.            Press the menu catch.


4.            Scroll down to and select “Communicate Message… “.


5.            Start composing contacts’ names to pick contacts to message.


6.            Enter the message that you wish to send.


7.            Click “Send”.


4. Send a single message to multiple people at once


Broadcasting a solitary message to numerous individuals without a moment’s delay is conceivable. Basically tap on the menu (three dab oval) and select ‘New communicate’. You will get an alternative to send a similar message to various individuals by including the contacts in the beneficiary rundown. Tap on the ‘+’ sign on the privilege and select the names from your contact list.


5. Format your text


You would now be able to send messages in strong, italics or strikethrough as well. Essentially utilize the extraordinary characters when your preferred words to get the organizing. For instance, (_hello_) and tilde for strikethrough (~hello~).


6. Find out who you chat with a lot


On the off chance that you need to know your identity visiting excessively with on WhatsApp, you can discover by basically looking through the talk screen. Be that as it may, in the event that you have gotten out the messages or in the event that they are too much, it will be hard to discover effectively. For this, go to the settings and tap on ‘Settings’, at that point ‘Record’ and after that ‘Capacity Usage’. Here you will discover a rundown of gets in touch with you are by and by talking with and in the event that you tap anybody, you can discover the amount of information you have sent or got amid all visits. Presently you can most likely discover who is your great buddy. This component is accessible just on iPhone for the present.


7. Share documents


WhatsApp has begun enabling you to send and get records as well. While photographs and recordings are took into account beyond any doubt, PDF, Excel and Word documents can likewise be sent. Just connect the report to your talk and offer your records. WhatsApp is supposed to likewise permit GIF documents in a brief time.


8. Read messages without blue ticks

When you read a message, you additionally send back a read receipt to the sender. Along these lines he or she realizes that you have seen the message. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you would prefer not to send a read receipt (blue tick) back to the sender, you can read the message without them knowing it with two straightforward traps. In the event that you need to peruse a message, essentially remove all information systems to the telephone. Utilize flight mode and kill Wi-Fi. Open WhatsApp, read your message. Once done, close WhatsApp by executing it from the memory as well (utilize an application executioner if necessary) and after that begin your information once more. This appears to be monotonous, right. The other easiest trap is to include a WhatsApp Widget your work area. On the off chance that a message arrives, you can read the whole message without the sender knowing it. Essentially look over the message on the Widget. Be that as it may, be careful, in the event that you tap on the gadget, you will trigger WhatsApp and a blue tick will be sent over.

9. Stop auto download of photos and videos to save data


Like killing sound and video downloads while wandering, you can likewise decide to specifically download photographs and recordings when on information or Wi-Fi individually. Make a beeline for the settings and you will locate the required settings under ‘Information utilization’.


10. Add dates to your calendar


This is by and by just accessible on iPhone. In the event that your contact sends you a date inside the talk, you will have the capacity to see it in blue and underlines. Basically long pushing on the date can enable you to add the dates to your logbook and make an occasion.


11. Save data when using WhatsApp on Mobile networks


On the off chance that you are wandering, or on the off chance that you are on a moderate or costly information organize, you can lessen your information utilization by choosing what you need to consequently download. You can decide to specifically download video, photograph or sound when you are wandering. Furthermore, you can likewise tap on ‘Low information utilization’ to diminish the measure of information utilized amid a WhatsApp call.
12. Mute chats and groups


In the event that you are on a gathering that sends excessively numerous messages crosswise over or if your companion sends you an excessive number of undesirable messages, you can just quiet the gathering or contact to quit cautioning you. You can quiet the sound caution or the notice separately. The messages will come in however will just demonstrate to you when you begin WhatsApp. Select the contact or gathering and pick the ‘quiet’ alternative from the menu.
13. Control your privacy


On the off chance that you don’t prefer to indicate anybody on your contact list that you are utilizing WhatsApp, you can stop the ‘last observed’ alternative from appearing on their screen. You can likewise choose to handicap blue ticks (a type of read receipts) and kill your profile photograph. Make a beeline for ‘Settings’ and you should discover it in the ‘Security’ alternative. In any case, you should realize that on the off chance that you handicap these alternatives, you can’t see other the same from contacts as well.


14. Add shortcuts to your homescreen for individual chats


On the off chance that you are continually visiting with a couple of companions, or some imperative reaches, you can diminish an opportunity to begin WhatsApp and chase for the name and begin a discussion. Just long push on the contact and select ‘Include talk easy route’ from the menu. You can add the visit contact straightforwardly to your work area and begin talking from that point itself.
15. Use WhatsApp on your PC


In the event that you need to utilize WhatsApp on your PC and have the accommodation of an extensive physical console and an extra large screen, basically associate your telephone to the PC utilizing WhatsApp Web. Make a beeline for ‘‘ and examine the QR code on the screen with your portable (from settings and WhatsApp web). Your whole WhatsApp visit will be seen on your program. Then again, you can likewise download the independent programming of WhatsApp for PC from  ‘‘. You need your cell phone associated with the web too keeping in mind the end goal to utilize this component.
16. Send messages to yourself

Some of the time you have to test a message before sending them out. You can send them to yourself on WhatsApp before sending it to your contact. To do this, just make a WhatsApp gathering, include a companion and after that erase him from the gathering. Presently you are distant from everyone else in that gathering, and you can send messages there. It is likewise an extraordinary choice for taking speedy notes.


17. Transfer files between PC and mobile


Despite the fact that this isn’t totally utilitarian, you can even now exchange records and media from your telephone to your PC and the other way around. Just send the media record or report to yourself (check past trap), and you can spare the same on your PC or work area utilizing WhatsApp Web.


18. Send different emojis


Sending emoticons was dependably there, however did you realize that there are a bigger number of emoticons than what you see? Just long push on the emoticon that you like, and you will see some more come up on the rundown. Pick the ones from the rundown for your necessity


19. Protect your chats – disable notification preview


When you get a message, you can see that message look in your warning bar, regardless of whether you don’t have WhatsApp opened. In any case, however this element, you could have delicate messages being perused by undesirable components peeping into your telephone. To keep away from this, just make a beeline for the telephone’s settings and cripple notices for WhatsApp. Once done, WhatsApp won’t demonstrate anything on your warning bar.


20. Make voice calls


In the event that you didn’t have any acquaintance with it as of now, indeed, WhatsApp can enable you to make telephone calls the world over—with other WhatsApp clients, that is. Essentially pull up the contact and hit the telephone symbol to influence a voice to call. The call is totally free of cost, yet you will spend on web information—portable or Wi-Fi. You can make approaches low-speed arranges as well, yet be prepared for a postponement in the voice.


21. Send giant heart


This is a straightforward element, a conceivable Easter egg on the off chance that you need to call it. On the off chance that you communicate something specific with only a solitary heart emoticon in it, WhastApp changes over the heart emoticon into a mammoth one and vitalizes it with a pulse. Try not to trust us, attempt it at this moment.


22. Backup to Google drive


Spare every one of your talks and records from WhatsApp by support it up to your Google Drive. This can help you on the off chance that you change your cell phone, or lose it. You can reestablish your information back to your WhatsApp in the event that you change to another telephone. From the settings, pick reinforcement and afterward decide to reinforcement to Google Drive. Take after the strategy on the screen to enable Google to get to your WhatsApp. You can likewise decide to reinforcement just visits or media and archives as well. Do note: Backing up to Google drive will cost you online space and information data transfer capacity 

23. Backup/Export chats and media to email


Reinforcement or fare specific talks for safety’s sake. In the visit screen, tap on the ‘choices’ menu, at that point ‘more’ and after that on ’email talk’. You can send the whole talk with or without the media components to your coveted email address.


24. Change wallpaper


You can give your visit screen an alternate look contrasted and the stock WhatsApp foundation. Look over your preferred backdrop from ‘choices – visits – backdrop’.


25. Quote messages within chats

This is a standout amongst the latest highlights that WhatsApp presented. You would now be able to cite a specific message and answer as needs be. In the event that you are in a colossal WhatsApp gathering or in a long discussion with somebody, you can allude to a specific message that you are answering with cites. Basically long push on the specific message in the rundown and you will see the answer alternative popup (Android clients will see a bolt symbol on the upper left). Tap on answer and your cited message will show up as a crate alongside your answer. 

26. Block unwanted people and spam


There are times when you get messages from obscure contacts. These could be obscure individuals, or just spam messages with ads and advancements. Essentially cut them off from over and again going to your telephone by stamping them as spam. Open the obscure message and you will discover two alternatives ‘add to contacts’ and ‘spam’. Pick as needs be.


27. Share contacts


You can send and get contact numbers through WhatsApp as well. Already, when you expected to send crosswise over contact data, you need to SMS it to them, or email it. With WhatsApp, you can send contacts as well and the beneficiary can just tap on the contact and add it to their contact list. Tap on the paperclip symbol (connection) and pick contacts from that point. Select the contact name and number(s) from the rundown and sent it to your beneficiary.


28. Send photos from gallery using the camera icon too


You can send existing photographs from your exhibition as common utilizing the connection—display choice. Nonetheless, with another element included as of late, you can send existing photographs from the exhibition from the camera symbol as well. Hit the camera symbol on the base and you will see existing photographs appeared on the base portion of the camera’s screen.


29. Reply directly from notification bar


On the off chance that you get a message on WhatsApp, you can see it in the warning bar itself (except if you have turned if off). Be that as it may, to answer back, you generally open WhatsApp and afterward tap on the message and after that answer. Presently, stay away from every one of those means and basically pull down the warning bar and hit ‘answer’ to in a split second answer to that message and abstain from dawdling opening WhatsApp.


30.Status video


These are Whatsapp Status Videos in Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil dialect. These all Punjabi Whatsapp Status Videos are under 30 seconds. The Whatsapp Status Video Download joins are situated at base of the video.After downloading, You can likewise alter your recordings in the wake of including My Stories. You can choose your most loved and make your WhatsApp video awesome. You can likewise add emoticon to your Whatsapp Status Video Songs. You can add content to your recordings and You can likewise change the shade of the text. You can likewise pivot the recordings inside couple of taps.


31. Know who has read your messages in a group


On the off chance that you are sending messages to a substantial gathering, it is hard to know who has perused your message and who has not. When you communicate something specific, you see a solitary tick. When you see a twofold tick, it implies that everybody in the gathering has gotten your message. When it turns blue, it implies that all have perused the message. In any case, on the off chance that you just observe a twofold dark tick and need to know who all have your message, basically long push on the message you have sent and tap the ‘I’ (data) catch on the best. This choice will disclose to you what number of individuals have gotten the message, what number of presently can’t seem to get it and what number of have perused it. On a solitary coordinated visit, you can utilize this alternative to discover when the beneficiary read it with date and time data.


32. Send your location with maps


This is an extraordinary component by WhatsApp. In the event that you are meeting a companion, or need to send your companion to a specific area/deliver or basically need to welcome somebody to where you will be, you can send a Google Map area on WhatsApp. You should simply empower GPS, at that point tap on the connection symbol (the paperclip symbol) and pick area. Google Maps will open up, and you can just check the area stick and send it on WhatsApp. The beneficiary would then be able to click in the message, open Maps and take after the guide to achieve the goal. 


33. Send and get cash with FreeCharge


Sending and accepting cash was conceivable on numerous other social stages and WhatsApp additionally has an approach to send and get reserves. FreeCharge is one such outsider application that enables clients to execute cash utilizing the informing stage. You should simply introduce FreeCharge, set up your record and begin sending and getting cash between your contacts.


34. Use different languages


You can likewise type and send messages in your preferred dialect. Browse 11 distinctive Indian dialects from the settings. Make a beeline for ‘choices’, at that point ‘visits’ and after that ‘application dialect’.


35. Search messages

You can likewise scan for specific message inside long visits. In the event that you are a piece of a huge WhatsApp gathering, or on the off chance that you are talking with a contact for quite a while, finding a specific message turns into an errand. You could either stamp imperative messages with a star or basically utilize the scan highlight to chase for a specific message. Tap on the ‘inquiry’ symbol on the best and enter the content for your hunt.

36. Get early updates


Numerous clients jump at the chance to get the most recent highlights on WhatsApp. Nonetheless, you need to sit tight for people in general arrival of WhatsApp for them. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are a beta client, you can get early discharges to you before it is publically discharged on the application advertise. To wind up a beta client, you should simply enroll for it on the web, and consequently you will get day by day refreshes with bug fixes, patches and new highlights previously it is even discharged to be open. These beta variants are for beta analyzers and turning into a beta analyzer is free.


37. Send photos from gallery using the camera icon too


You can send existing photographs from your exhibition as normal utilizing the connection—display choice. Notwithstanding, with another component included as of late, you can send existing photographs from the display from the camera symbol as well. Hit the camera symbol on the base and you will see existing photographs appeared on the base portion of the camera’s screen.


38. Delete multiple chats

Already, it was a monotonous activity to erase different messages from your visit list. Presently, WhatsApp enables you to choose numerous talks or messages in the visit and erase them in one go. Basically long push on a solitary visit or message and keep tapping on different ones after that. At that point erase them from the alternatives menu. 

39. Star messages


You can feature a few messages and store them as top picks. These are called ‘star’ messages in WhatsApp. Long push on the message in your visit and tap on the star symbol. These messages will be spared as top choices inside the talk itself. What’s more, on the off chance that you wish to erase the visit, you can likewise have the choice to keep the featured messages and erase the rest.


40. Mark as unread
You would now be able to stamp visits as new with the goal that you can read them later. There are times when you need to peruse the whole message from the contact or gathering, however because of lack of time, you like to peruse it later. In any case, you could forget about it as well. So for what reason not stamp them as new to peruse it up later. You can likewise check talks as new to stamp them as critical for later as well. Essentially long push on the visit and select as new from the choices menu.

41.Now, no more typing needed to send WhatsApp message
When you tap on the message box, the mic symbol shows up on the console
Simply tap on that mic symbol and simply talk your message.
It will be naturally get written as you talk.

42.Read Whatsapp Messages without the sender finding it out
Turn on the flight mode on your phone.
Read the whatsapp message
Presently, turn on the flight mode once more.
No, blue ticks will show up and the sender won’t realize that you have perused his/her whatsapp message.

43.How to know When he or she read your message
1. Simply go to the discussion talk window of WhatsApp  and keep the message squeezed for few seconds.
2. On the upper right, simply tap on three vertical spots.
3. Finally , tap on Info.

44.Use Multiple WhatsApp account on same Phone
It might be that you have different mobiles with you and all things considered a man has a tendency to have in excess of one WhatsApp account. In any case, once you lose or break the old telephone, you generally wish to utilize it in your most loved telephone. In any case, is it conceivable. Indeed its conceivable with help of an application
Download and introduce Parellal spaces application from google play on your phone
Include accounts over it and run in excess of one WhatsApp account by means of it.

45.Hide your Profile pic from Others
The vast majority of individuals don’t know and couldn’t care less for this helpful settings. Impersonators or spammers can download our pics and utilize it for illicit reason. We should utilize this whatsapp highlight to conceal profile pic from general visibility. Take after the screen captures underneath.
First tap on 3 vertical spots on home screen of whatsapp. At that point Go to settings > Account > Privacy > Profile photograph and Choose my contacts. This is extremely essential for security reason.


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